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About Us

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AllLive CRO is a CRO brand launched after the merger of Hamilton CS Co., Ltd. and AllLive Healthcare Co., Ltd. in 2020.

Hamilton CS was established in June 2012 and has been carrying out CRO business until 2020, and has expanded its business capabilities to the AllLive CRO brand since the merger.

We have experienced about 120 clinical trials so far.
It is a CRO(Contract research organization) that comprehensively and professionally conducts clinical trials and human panel test for people.

In addition, we can quickly and accurately meet the sponsor’s needs through the platform AllLiveC to accelerate the recruitment of test participants.

Our businesses areas are all related to clinical trials such as Project set-up, Protocol, ICF, CRF (EDC) development, IND/IRB approval, Monitoring, Audit Data Management, Statistics Analysis, CSR writing, etc including the provision of consignment services.
Clinical trials are conducted according to ICH-GCP and KGCP, and we are developing for better quality.

We made up of people who enjoy working together.